AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN - South Sudan Leaders in spiritual retreat with Pope Francis

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Posted on: 04/14/19
AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN – South Sudan Leaders in spiritual retreat with Pope Francis

Roma - “We will accompany the Presidency on this journey to sing together the anthem of South Sudan” said Fr . James Oyet, combonian, Secretary general of the Council of Churches of South Sudan, confirming the participation in response to the invitation from Pope Francis in the spiritual retreat of the leaders of South Sudan President Salva Kiir, former vice President Vice Presidente Riek Machar, Vice President James Wani Igga, and other leading persons . “During the retreat we will recite and contemplate the key themes of the nation's Anthem” said Fr. Ovet. "We will work through the Hymn ... reflecting on the heart of peace, and the challenges of peace”. The presence is expected, probably at the end of the meetings, of Anglican Archbishop Primate Justin Welby and Archbishop John Baptist Odama, Gulu, Uganda.
The National Anthem of South Sudan reads:
“ Oh God,
We praise you and we glorify you
for the grace of our South Sudan,
Land of great abundance
that holds us united and in harmony.

Oh motherland,
we stand, we raise the flag with the Pole Star
singing hymns of freedom with joy,
for justice, freedom and prosperity,
will reign forever.

Oh great patriots,
keep us in silence and respect ,
to hail our martyrs whose blood
reinforced our national foundation,
with their promise to protect our nation

Oh God, bless South Sudan”.


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